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Have your horse's passport ready to travel with your horse, this is a legal requirement and your horse cannot travel without one.

Please tell your horse transporter if your horse is difficult to load, this is especially important if your horse is travelling with shared loads, as your transporter will need to allow time for this, or it may affect the collection time of other customers.

Have your horse ready at the agreed collection time.

Ask your transporter for advice on travelling boots, rugs and bandages, they may be able to supply these if required. A leather head collar is preferable as these will break under pressure in an emergency.

If you wish to send tack and rugs with your horse please check with your transporter, there may be an extra charge for this service.

Make sure access to the property is clear for arrival of your transporter and suitable for the size of vehicle. Let your transporter know if there are any issues with the approach roads to your yard and clear directions and full postcode is of great help.



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